12 Days to Meet Love



sepasang bangau# day one , The Airport

Finally,that day was come,i gonna met him….the one that i met for about 4 months ago(middle of august 2012) with texted on whatsapp,chat on facebook,share photos and some videos, and talked on phone only.

Though  woke up early than ordinary days still made me got trouble with time management. The car that i rent to bring me from where i live to the airport came,but still i haven’t had my coffee yet and even i had nothing to fill my stomach….got in a rush to go,it’s me.….

Along the way to the airport,we got stuck in some areas,traffic jam coz of traffic accidents. Kept cooling myself that still had enough time to reach the airport,though actually i just realized i left my cellphone’s charger at home that made me had to avoid touching my phone to save the battery and it mean i already had a little panic coz i was afraid i coudn’t contact friend who had to pick us from the airport to the hotel….!!!Entering the high way,i thought it would be fine,but i was wrong,still some traffic accidents blocked our way in some parts,i began to get worry and seemed the driver felt the same. He spoke to me to convince me that i would get to the airport before the time.

We got to the airport….!!!!How happy i was,but it changed into in a rush moment again when i heard the announcement that the passenger had to boarding coz the plane that gonna flew me ready to took off. I had 40 minutes left and still haven’t checked in yet…!!!oh no…..!!!so many people in a line and i was the one at the end of the line…*started to get panic…..Thankfully,there was a middle age woman in hijab stood in front of me. I tried to make a conversation with her to help myself not into panic,she was very nice and friendly,she also agreed when i asked her to have seat beside me during the flight. Got the boarding pass already,we were in a rush to reach the gate 7,wow….such a long way for people that in a panic time…!!!Got the gate,but i wanted to go to the toilet,i coundn’t handle it anymore,i asked my new friend to wait for me and she agreed coz she needed to take a breath and cooling down after running along the isle to find the gate. Got the announcement,all passenger had to be ready…got in a rush again in the toilet…*huft… asking my new friend to take big steps entering the gate,but suddenly she screamed…!!!she couldn’t find her boarding pass…!!wow,another “heart attack”...i tried to make her calm,asking her to find in her handbag,but she couldn’t find it still. She asked me to wait,she run to the insurance ticketing the last place we stopped before reaching the gate,in her high heel shoes n’ panic condition …but still,the boarding pass couldn’t be found. A man came ,asking what happened and suggested us to enter  the gate after knowing the problem,he suggested to tell the officer what happened with the boarding pass. I had no idea what to do,should i wait for her or should i left her,with a feeling sorry i left her coz i didn’t want to left behind. Sitting on the bus that took the passenger to the plane,i was very happy knowing my new friend finally able to join the flight…!!!i asked for apology leaving her,but she understood and told me that i did right,had to left her to so wouldn’t get late.

CITYLINK QG644 finally took off….brought me to Denpasar-Bali from Juanda-Surabaya. Around 45minutes flight and the plane landed  in Ngurah Rai airport….got to the toilet again…*huft….waited for my luggage and done….walked to the exit door…had to say goodbye to my new friend coz her husband was there in the parking area already.

Still 12 am bali time,waiting for a friend that would transfer us to the hotel,had to wait for him from the mosque afternoon pray on Friday. More than an hour,finally i met Deddy and i have to admit,it was also my first time meeting him in real life..!!he is my best friend’s cousin and we connect each other on facebook….*welcome to the new world....

With Deddy,we walked to the international arrival gate,waiting for him…Have no idea,who was so friendly in this case,Deddy or me coz we had a very warm chat,talking about anything though mostly it was about touristsm objects and touristsm business in Indonesia and Bali . Our chat helped me a lot to distract my worry waiting for his coming.

His arrival time almost came,again i wanted to go to the toilet….*my bad habit  when i get nervous….In the toilet,i heard the announcement that China Airlines 771 has landed *the plane that brought him from LA,USA to Bali,Indonesia after for a while stop in Taipei. Took big steps to reach the gate…*oh GOD seemed like had to walk so long,long distance to get to the gate..…Took a part with the crowded,between tour guides,families and relatives also the taxi drivers, i tried to get as close as the gate..And this time i couldn’t handle this feeling anymore….NERVOUS….!!!

An hour left already,but still i couldn’t find him…*would he come..?!?!a weird question tried to annoy me,but impossible he wouldn’t come,coz the last text i got he was in Taipei already…Tried to look around,watching at the people that did the same thing like me,waiting …then i realized mostly they brought sign boards or papers with the name of people they waited for…something that i didn’t do…but it’s too late make such thing…i believe in myself..my heart could find him without any sign paper…?!?!was i too self confidence doing that?!don’t know. Time gone by,but still no figure of the guy that i waited for came out from the exit door…my heart started to beat so hard and fast ,watching those western people got me more and more nervous,tried to make a conversation with a girl beside me also useless coz my head got stuck,no idea what to say….finally,after more than two hours waiting,i saw a white guy in a dark red T-shirt walked to the gate,he got close to me…..yes that’s him!!….the guy that made me stood near gate…!!!

Tried to approach him with my very sweet smile…*i actually was really in a very nervous ,had no idea what to say,seemed i lost my English vocab. Something that i could say was,”hi” and gave my hand to him to shake his hand….oh GOD he was so calm…no nervous looked and could handle the situation,just walked away from the crowd…I introduced him to Deddy and asked him to take us directly to the hotel.

Along the steps to the parking area helped me a lot to make my head back to normal again * though it wasn’t completely normal anyway, tried to make a life conversation with him though i knew it was a standard approachment at least i had questions to ask…!!!hehehehe

By the way,i saw him sometimes looked a glance at me on our way to the parking area,made my face blushing and felt so clumsy,had no idea how to react….

Got into the car,Deddy started to drive and we stopped for a while to buy phone charger for me…I saw him took so many pics along the way to the hotel,and….,here we are Ramayana Hotel,Kuta Bali,our first stop. Entering the room,took a shower and we had a Japanesse food as our first dinner at *Take a Japanesse resto” after taking around 10 minutes drive by taxi.We had a real serious chat while having sukiyaki and hot tea,my heart and my mind slowly could adapt with the “atmosphere”…*wasn’t it a good news…?!?!heheheee

Time getting late,we decided to sleep….preparing our selves for the journey…exploring the beauty of Bali island and for me,recharging body,mind and soul after a day full of “shock therapies”…

HOWARD JOSEPH CONRAD….welcome to my life…and my world

2 responses to “12 Days to Meet Love

    • * Bahan Cake :
      225 gr. terigu
      175 gr. gula halus
      150 gr. margarine
      4 butir kuning telur
      1 butir telur utuh
      kismis utk hiasan

      *Bahan Vla :
      200 gr. gula pasir
      500 ml. susu cair
      4 sdm. maizena
      2 butir kuning telur
      1 sdm. margarine

      *Cara Membuat :
      ~ Vla : aduk susu + gula diatas api
      ,masukkan maizena yg telah dilarutkan dgn sedikit air + kuning telur. Aduk hingga mengental dan masukkan margarine ,aduk kembali hingga meletup2,matikan api.
      ~Cake : mixer margarine+gula halus sampai rata,masukkan telur satu per satu,aduk dgn kecepatan tinggi skitar 5 menit,masukkan tepung,aduk kmbali dgn kecepatan rendah.
      Masukka adonan dlm cetakan,masukkan vla kedalam cake dgn menggunakan piping bag,beri kismis di atas vla sebagai hiasan, oven skitar 20 menit

      Selamat mencoba…

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